Philosophy of our surgery

Philosophy Kristin Endres MSc - Zahnarzt Darmstadt
Dr. Kristin Endres MSc

Beautiful teeth and healthy gums are partly responsible for your attitude towards life and your quality of life. They symbolize youth, health and self-confidence. A beaming smile therefore is an important prerequisite for more success in your job and private life.

Aesthetic dentistry of today provides us with many possibilities to improve the appearance of teeth. Position of teeth, colour and the condition of the gums can be improved significantly with modern, non-invasive techniques. Even the loss of one or more teeth can be corrected with fixed so called “third” teeth, so that they cannot be distinguished from the natural teeth in regards to aesthetic, function and comfort. Workmanship with the highest quality guarantees an optimal result for you. Therefore, we offer an overall dental concept, that will meet all your desires and wishes. This way it will be easy for you to show a beaming smile again.

Advantages for our patients

-          Improved quality of life and well-being

-          Pain free treatment

-          Tooth preservation instead of tooth replacement

-          Beauty and aesthetics