Tooth bleaching


Bleaching - in our surgery we only use it for the preparation of subsequent prosthetic solutions

Sparkling white teeth are an unmistakable sign of the love of life, youthfulness, attractiveness and success – privately as well as in the job.
The stars have always made us jealous with their bewitching winning Hollywood-smiles.
Epicures often suffer from tooth discolouration due to red wine, tobacco, caffeine, tea, etc.

These days tooth bleaching is possible, this does not only clean the surface temporarily but lightens the tooth substance itself. Therefore, it is long- lasting. The stress on the teeth, however, is significant. Therefore, we only offer this procedure as preparation for and in combination with a planned fixed dental prosthesis to be able to achieve an uniformly aesthetic result that is as close to nature as possible.

It is important that the teeth are free of plaque and healthy prior to the bleaching. Therefore it is advisable to always have a check up and a comprehensive (professional) scale and clean prior to the procedure.

During the professional scale and clean all surfaces are cleaned of superficial depositions and plaque including the interproximal surfaces, the space in between the teeth, so that an even picture can be achieved with the bleaching.

This scale and clean should not be done more than 2 weeks in advance.