Waxup - Setup

Once a stable centric position has been reached, there are different possibilities how to progress further. First of all we always check if we can solve the case by adjusting the occlusion (grinding in). If this is not the case and new restorations are required (many old insufficient restorations are present), the lab makes a waxup. A dental technician models the desired final situation in wax, so that the occlusion is perfect and as functional as possible. This serves as pattern for the complete case, that is, if the case can be/is solved prosthetically.

All steps that follow, e.g. preparation template, provisional restoration, etc., derive from this model. That’s why very high precision is required and this step is of most importance, despite of what many patients think.

If during the planning the situation arises that the dimensions for the change are too great or predominantly healthy (virgin) teeth are concerned, the setup needs to be changed to one for orthodontic treatment. For this the position for the original teeth is changed in a wax base.

If the dysgnathia is severe, a surgical set up may be required that gives the surgeon directions for the best possible position. Often a combination of these techniques are required, if one discipline alone is not sufficient.