Implantology Darmstadt

The implantology opened the doors to new dimensions in dentistry. Finally it is possible to replace lost teeth with a product that resembles the tooth root.These little implants are predominantly screws, improve the quality of life for many people, as for most people a life with a denture is not desirable.

Due to the developments in the area of bone regeneration, the possibilities to place implants have improved dramatically. Special, predominantly digital x-ray systems assist us with increasingly precise diagnosis, so that it is possible to solve even complex cases predictably. With improved techniques and knowledge is it possible these days to reconstruct highly aesthetic areas that you cannot distinguish from your own teeth. There is no question about it that such restorations take a lot of time and are associated with some costs. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about it, we would be happy to give you some advice.

Lately a few industrial business enterprises are trying to get a step further with their developments. Drilling templates are produced with the help of CT scans. Then the implants are placed according to the computer model operation. Due to the minimal invasive procedure in the area of soft tissues, the slogan “Teeth in 1 hour” is used. These kinds of developments are important, because they drive medical research and technology. If, however, the advertising suggests that such systems can be used in every situation, even though it is only possible for a very small group of cases, one should be extremely cautious. In implantology at least to this date the result is important, not the path. Think about that when making your decision....