Dental crown


This is possibly the best known restorative technique of higher quality. However, it does have a lot of room for variation as crown is not always crown. The diversity is nearly without boundaries which make it complicated for patients, especially when looking at the different costs. Why does the neighbour get theirs for nearly nothing and I have to pay so much? Many have made this sort of experience with the different types of crowns already.

Primarily the systems are differentiated between metallic or metal- based and all ceramic crowns. At the same time it is necessary for the patient to decide if the metallic crown is veneered or not. There are also significant differences of the precision, which is in part related to the materials used. Titanium crowns or frameworks have a much less precise fit than galvanic crowns, as the material is a lot more difficult to handle. In the end, however, it all depends on the ability of the dental technician.

In aesthetics, the choice of material plays a significant role and therefore the price as well.

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Full ceramic crowns


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Full mouth restauration