Dental veneer


This sometimes only 0.3 mm thick porcelain is glued onto the existing teeth similar to false fingernails. Up to a certain limit form and colour can be chosen freely.The different terms - veneers, laminates, facings - can be confusing. Once only made for movie stars, today, they are scientifically recognized as a form of minimally invasive therapy. As the porcelain that is glued onto the existing tooth is very thin, the maximum of tooth structure is conserved.

Veneers – the aesthetic highlight

The perfect tooth restoration put on stage!

This wish will become true for a lot of people. The veneers are thin ceramic shells that may be only 0.3 mm thick in some areas. They give freedom in form and colour. The different names can cause confusion, veneers, laminates, facings. In the past, veneers were reserved for the elite of the show business in the USA. Today the treatment with veneers is scientifically accepted as minimally invasive therapy. As the veneer is very thin, the maximum amount of dental hard tissue can be preserved.

Did you know, that 80% of initial eye contacts with strangers are initialized viewing the mouth region.

Psychological studies show that the mouth region is the region that is most commonly “inspected” during initial conversations with strangers. An interesting fact is that a non-professional can recognize differences or changes in the harmony of the dental arch or in the colour. They do not have the dental background, but can identify any abnormality immediately. Our manners do not allow us to speak about such abnormalities, but imagine following scenario. You are sitting in a 5 star restaurant and just looking at the menu gets your taste buds excited. You order a beautiful meal. After you have eaten the entrée, the chef, a famous fife-star-chef, comes to you himself to ask if the meal is to your liking so far. He smiles at you full of expectations and at that moment you can see the 3 black front teeth and on the side, one is even missing. Just 2 days previously your dentist told you that caries/decay is a bacterial transmissible infectious disease. And now it’s your turn. Are you sure that you will continue to enjoy your meal? Has this person really tasted the soup you have just eaten?

Or another situation: You are looking for a new sales representative for your new life-style product. A person applies with a crown on a front tooth, where the margin is bluish and on display every time he or she smiles. Is the profit going to be as high as with an aesthetically intact restoration? Surely not.

And what about you?  Just have a look into the mirror. You cannot lie to yourself. If something is not right, the other people will notice. They will not necessarily say something, but think about it, just like you. That’s how simple it is.

In just 2 weeks you can change your smile to the smile of a star. You do not have to hide your smile. Laugh light-heartedly. Your environment will be thankful.