Gingival/gum correction-plastic periodontal surgery

Gingival/gum correction-plastic periodontal surgery

What is recession?

Recession is due to the degeneration of the gums, free of inflammation. The result is root exposure and someties ugly spaces can develop between the teeth.

This recession can be caused by following factors

  • Gum recession due to peridontitis
  • Wrong brushing techniquealsches Zähneputzen
  • Injury
  • Incorrect tooth position/ crooked teeth

Why cover the recession?

The coverage of recession defect allows the restoration of the natural aesthetics. When recession is present, the teeth appear long and large, ugly spaces arise between them.
The coverage of the recession defects is part of the plastic periodontal therapy. Apart from the improved aesthetics, however, there are other advantages, too. Exposed root surfaces that are often sensitive, can be protected by the gum, which also prevents root caries.

Depending on the situation the following treatment options are available.

  • Membrane Technique
  • Connective tissue transplants
  • Free mucosa transplant

Their benefit?

If the gum recedes, it is unavoidable that the aesthetic appearance is affected negatively.
However, this does not have to be a permanent condition.

When covering the recession defect, it is possible to restore the natural aesthetic appearance. This improves your vitality, your joy of life and your charisma.