Medi tray

Meditrays- finally a therapy that treats the cause of caries, not consequences

If with the help of saliva testing – high caries risk can be determined, you should not wait for the defects that this can cause. It has been proven that antibacterial strategies can be used as prevention. For this a meditray, an individual designed type of mouth guard, can be used in adults who’s teeth usually don’t change any more.

These trays are filled with chlorhexidine gels after professional cleanings. They effectively eliminate the bacteria for a short period of time.

Due to the ecosystem in the oral cavity (the mouth) the space for these specific germs is kept open, so that they can re inhabit their space. This window becomes increasingly smaller, but nevertheless the bacteria return. The only chance we have is to minimize this window for the bacteria so much, that the effect of this type of bacteria becomes harmless. This usually takes about 8-12 quarters/quarterly periods.