Professional tooth cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning scale and clean
The professional scale and clean is an important preventive measure. Bacteria organize themselves on the tooth surface in the form of a bio film and can only be removed by mechanical cleaning. When looking into a mirror only 30% of the tooth surface can be seen. Therefore it is of no surprise that it is necessary to have them cleaned professionally in regular intervals in addition to the oral hygiene measures taken at home.
Fees: For non-private patients we have two options:
The money we charge depends always a little bit on the time involved for the cleaning. The first appointment for professional teeth cleaning scale and clean will take more time in most of the cases, the follow up appointments should be less work and time involved.  For one appointment we charge 140 Euro
We offer a flat rate too. The fee is 300 EUR.
The patient has to come 3 times during one calendar year for professional teeth cleaning scale and clean .  

Due to the logistics in our surgery it is necessary to make appointments timely and adhere to them. A professional clean should be done once every 4 months. If an appointment for a clean is not made and attended to during this time frame, the right to it is forfeited! All appointments have to be made until the 15th Nov at the latest, otherwise it cannot be guaranteed that the treatment can take place. The cleaning appointment cannot be carried over into the next year.
The costs can be paid by direct debit at the beginning of the agreement or can be paid in cash at the first appointment. If there are problems with the direct debit due to insufficient funds, incuring costs need to be paid for by the patient.


Fees: Private patients receive an individually adjusted invoice that is usually rebated to 100% by the private health insurance (about €320-350). This is mixed calculation to compensate for undervalued services and enable us to continue to provide them with the same generous time as we have done so far in our surgery. An examination for publicly insured patients, especially children, pays with about €16 even less than the €23 that the private patients have to pay and it is not unusal to take an our or longer in our surgery!!!


As you may have read on out website already, good oral hygiene (clean teeth and healthy gums) and therefore the professional clean as well, are the foundation to keeping your teeth and for the success of the treatment (past and future).

Professionel cleaning with hand-instruments and ultrasonic scalers as well as, in combination with the Air Flow system.

zahnstein_und_nikotin_belaege Hart plaque/tartar (calculus) in combination with tar from smoking, coffee, etc. lead to inflammatory changes of the gums and the periodontium (the surrounding supporting structures). This can lead to the loss of bone, the feared periodontitis.

Condition post professional tooth cleaning in the Dr. Kristin Endres MSc' surgery in Darmstadt.

Regular professional tooth cleaning prevents gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis.
This photograph shows the condition after the removal of hart plaque/calculus with the ultrasonic scaler and the professional clean with an air flow device.

Scientific research shows that this bio film takes some time to cause damage to the peridontium. We generally see our patients 3 times per year. The more often this is done, the more steady is the level of  oral hygiene, as in our experience the motivation for it is significantly higher shortly prior and sometime after such an appointment. Therefore 6 or even 12 monthly oral hygiene appointments are not enough.

“Every patient should have their teeth cleaned professionally 3 times per year, to ensure that no further damage is done to the tooth (teeth??) or peridontitum.”
In addition to that the treatment is less invasive and does not stat at level 0 every time.
In our surgery we rely on the traditional cleaning with hand-instruments and ultrasonic scalers as well as, in combination with the Air Flow system, a jet formed by air, powder and water as described in many scientific studies (Airflow). Finally we complete the treatment by polishing the dentition and applying highly concentrated fluoride as well.