Bone augmentation

Bone augmentation – guided bone regeneration (GBR)

Bone augmentation is used in implantology, if there is not sufficient bone present in the area where the implant is to be placed. Modern systems make it possible to place the implant in the position that is most suitable for the future prosthesis. It is often the case that there is not sufficient bone in one dimension. Different methods are available.

Single/one stage or two stage method.

In the single/one stage method, the implant and the bone augmentation material are placed in the same appointment so that only those parts of the bone have to be replaced that are absolutely required. This works better when the implants are covered with gingiva/gum during the healing phase.

If the two stage method is used, the bone is augmented/built up first, and the implant is placed in a second procedure after healing of the first stage or rather after the bone augmentation material is remodelled.

Which methods are used?

We use predominantly autologous (own) bone, bone replacement material (Bio-Oss, Cerasorb) or combination of these. Other materials are not used, that includes predried human bone from banks as propagated in US.

What are the associated risks?

Of course there are risks, as with any kind of surgery. In principle, it is possible that the introduced material is not accepted by the body due to disturbances during wound healing, so that the body reacts with rejection. Any kind of infection is possible in the area of the implant or transplant. Despite of this, these treatment methods have a high rate of success.