Pontic surgery


Pontics are small, but effective measures. They serve the creation of the area of the bridge construction, where the teeth are missing. Previously the part of the bridge in the area of the missing teeth finished on or in front of the alveolar ridge. This was noticed functionally and visually – aesthetically. The idea of the pontic, however, is for the part of the bridge in the area, where the teeth are missing to create the illusion, that the missing teeth, replaced by the bridge seem to come out of the gingival/gum. There are several possibilities for this

  • The simplest technique to prevent the soft tissue around the alveolar socket from collapsing after the tooth extraction and form a hollow/pontic is, to insert a prefabricated provisional bridge, which is shaped oval in this area, immediately after the extraction. Due to primary healing, a perfect hollow/pontic is formed after a few weeks and the replaced teeth in this area appear to come out of the soft tissue.
  • If the teeth have already been removed, an oval hollow/pontic can be created electro-surgically with an electrotome or a laser, provided the soft tissue thickness is sufficient.
  • If the mucosa is too thin, it is possible to place a subepithelial connective tissue graft form the roof of the mouth with the tunnel technique into the required position. It is then possible to put punctated and later more regular oval pressure onto this new tissue to form the soft tissue contour for the pontic. This can be done immediately after the healing.