Orthopantomogram OPG

Panoramic radiograph OPG

We can take digital single tooth x-rays such as periapical radiographs and bitewings as well as 2D panoramic radiographs  in our surgery in Darmstadt. We also have the technology to take digital three-dimensional radiographs with our cone-beam CT. This allows for a quicker diagnosis, better communication with referring colleagues and most of all the reduction of radiation of up to 90%.

Due to the digital technology, we don't have to use checmicals for the x-ray development that are harmful to the environment! Instead of a film that is exposed by the x-rays and then developed, a special sensor is used for digital radiography. This sensor converts the x-rays into digital signals.

These are then processed by the computer and appear as an image on the screen almost immediately, ready for interpretation.

The radiation for the patient is reduced to up to 90 percent.