Prevention, prophylaxis

Prevention and prophylaxis are the key words in dentistry to prevent damage of any kind in the oral cavity in the first place. This simple concept is clear to most patients. Due to the high costs that occur due to repair work, it is not only clear to most of the patients that this is the right way to go, but close to 100% of the practitioners as well. The infection rate of caries in the population however shows us a different picture. Even with the current knowledge 98% of the adult population has caries/decay.

This is mainly due to the lack of causative treatment, i.e. the caries itself, but instead repairative measures are taken (fillings, crowns, root-canal treatment etc.), if we accept that the two major oral diseases caries and peridontitis are bacterial infections, it becomes clear that only a change of the bacterial status, i.e. the environment, can give long-term results. Therefore we do both therapies parallel to each other. On one hand a perfect restoration of the existing damages with high quality technique and materials, on the other hand individually designed preventive measures, taking into account the bacterial environment.



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