Services provided by Dr. Kristin Endres

Preventive and conservative dentistry Complex therapies to treat the diseased tooth

Prosthodontics Functional reconstruction of missing teeth, missing bone and the resuming cosmetic defects

Oral surgery Surgical treatments of pathological disorders and changes of the chewing apparatus

Aesthetics Reconstruction of the aesthetics of the entire chewing apparatus while respecting the function

Gnathology Measures to identify mechanical influences and to rehabilitate the entire chewing apparatus (e.g. jaw joint disorders)

Periodontology Complex therapies to treat the diseased periodontium (tissue to hold the tooth in place)

Implantology Insertion of artificial tooth roots to support different kinds of prosthesis

Endodontology Complex therapies to treat dental nerve infections

Diagnosis All measures to identify different oral diseases

Prevention Individualized and general therapies to prevent dental diseases


Zahnärztin Kristin Endres MSc
Kristin Endres MSc Zahnarzt Darmstadt 

Dr Kristin Endres MSc will provide you with all services and the treatment spectrum you can read about above. Dentistry has undergone rapid development in the past few decades so that it is a challenge to offer highest quality across all disciplines. Only in collaboration with several specialists we are able to achieve optimal results based on the latest scientific research, as well as on the last experience of the treating practitioners.

As Master of Science you have to be able to imagine exactly the final result of the treatment, as this will determine the planning and coordination of the different disciplines that are required. The main goal is to reconstruct all the functional needs, combined with the highest standards in aesthetics .
Therapy steps like preventive and conservative dentistry, endontology,periodontology, implantology, microsurgery and oral health are basic requirements to be able to achieve a perfect result.