Electronic Measurement

Electronic length determination of root canals without x-ray/radiographs.

To be able to retain teeth with root canal treatment long term, it is necessary to determine the length of the root canals exactly. Until recently this was only possible with the help of an x-ray. With devices such as the TriAutoZX it is possible to determine the length of a prepared root canal with electrical resistance measurements.

In comparison to the standard measurement technique – the radiographic measurement – this method is a lot more exact. X-rays are often difficult to interprete, especially when the roots are curved, and they only show the “radiographic” root tip. In reality, however, it is common that the apical constriction (the end of the root canal) is lateral (to the side) of the root tip.
Private insurances cover this less invasive and exact measure. Patients that are covered with the public health insurance need to pay for it themselves.