Antibiotic treatment/therapy

Antibiotic treatment/therapy

Occasionally in exceptional cases it is necessary to give antibiotics in addition to the other therapies.  Most of the disease can be treated with conservative treatment methods. Specific germs or bacterial range, however, should be treated with medication in addition to those. This is differentiated into local or systemic application. The local application of antibiotics is predominantly useful in localized or chronically defects, while the systemic treatment is considered, if the presence of certain bacteria could be determined.

Antibiotic treatment – course of antibiotics to treat gum diseases

The standard therapy for acute, aggressive periodontits is the so called “Winkelhoff Cocktail” that is named after van Winkelhoff.

A combination of Amoxycillin and Metronidazol: 3 x 375 – 500 mg/day Amoxycillin + 3 x 250 – 500 mg Metronidazol for 8 days.